Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kuni wa Kun's workshop at Exceed

SANA’A, March 11- With the belief that stereotypes and prejudice against women, must practically, not only theoretically, be addressed and confronted, our team has started targeting different institutes through a series of workshops.

So far, we have completed a successful one in Exceed, with the title of "Shades of Gray". The title implies the simplified view which we tend to have about women, as either victims or deviants, without looking at them as active players in the society, who add more shades and colors to 'the picture'. The main goal of the workshop was to problematize our understanding of Yemeni women in the present day by providing information, conducting short activities and organizing informal discussions/debates. At the same time, we wanted to spark the participants’ interest in our initiative, get their feedback, and recruit potential volunteers. Having our very first workshop allowed us, as Kuni wa Kun, to have a 'hands-on' experience with the participants. However, away from the top-down monologues, our workshop was mainly interactive, offering room to Exceed's students to voice their opinions and concerns, both and good.

Our team, Amal, Areej, Ibrahim, and Najla, would like to sincerely thank Exceed's administration for their warm and enthusiastic response and support.

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