Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A meeting with MEPI

By Mai Noman:
YoO mag

Amal Al Ashtal and myself had a meeting on January 25th with Sabrina Faber (MEPI) and two young female activists from the MEPI alumni, Om Kalthoum Al Shami and Lamees Dahaq. The ladies were extremely helpful and very hopeful about our initiative. They offered several contacts that would show support to Kuni as well as their advice based on their own experiences with similar projects. One of the main things we discovered is that there is a harassment police led by AbulGhani Al Wageeh. Amal and I will be contacting him as well as other referrals to find ways of cooperation especially that their insight on dealing with such issues will be invaluable.

*The MEPI (Middle East Partnership Initiative)Alumni Network is a community of alumni of MEPI-sponsored programs. It provides opportunities for participants to network with each other, develop their careers, and learn more about the accomplishments of the alumni community, thus helping to extend their program experience.

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