Monday, January 25, 2010

^Kuni was kun campaign’s preparations^

Here are some of the latest actual preparations done by Kuni wa kun team’s members:

By Haifa Shamsan:
So far, i've contacted the following:
1.Shumaila Hary: reg. the stands & posters, and are willing to help.
2. Sana'a Radio Station: was transferred to Al-Waleed for Advertising, who are in charge of Sana'a Radio ad's.
& in order to proceed with the above, we need to be officialy named under any organization or institute, therefore, i'm waiting for Amal to give me the green light & i'll start with my work :)
3. Yemen Music House: requested the following,
1. to compose a theme song for the campaign.
2. a musical performance by their studens - it will be a guitar performance
by a female.


By Amal al-Ashtal:
We gave a draft proposal to the wife of the Sudanese ambassador, who will be recommending that the Ambassadors' Wives Association consider supporting our initiative. I left my contact info so hope to hear from them soon.

On 24th Jan., - Met with Raufa Hassan today. She was very excited about the initiative and asked me to look up a project that was done in Egypt for feminizing the public sphere so that we learn from them. She thinks we should actually work towards getting a formal registration for ourselves instead of going under another organization. She also offered that we could freely use the resources and space of her organization (located in al-Tahreer).
- Met with a doctor and TV presented, Mohammed Asda, who invited us to his place on Thursday! :) .. he'll talk to us about a workshop he's willing to give for us on IWD. And he's such a wonderful wonderful person!


By Ibrahim Nasher:
Najla, Amal and I decided to launch a series of small presentations in different institutes like MALI, YALI and Exceed. We basically want to go and talk for 5-10 minutes to other students about the campaign. This will be a good opportunity for more publicity, ideas and resources.
If we feel that the students are really interested, then we'll start planning for workshops which will allow the students to get more detailed info on the initiative, who we are, and our exact vision.


  1. woooooooooow great work guys !!

  2. Dear Lymona, We really appreciate your continuous follow up to our activities. Thank you.